The Guv’nor, born on the 5th of October 1946, is married to Lek and he now divides his time these days between England and Thailand.

Brian began martial arts when he was 9 and he’s now at the very top of the tree for judo. A 10th Dan. He’s also a 6th Dan in jujitsu and a 2nd Dan in karate.

Brian became a household name in 1979 when he took BBC’s Superstars by storm winning the British and European titles 2 years running. Brian, as he’d done with judo, raised the bar to new levels.

To find out how he did it read the book. Or as Brian often puts it: “It’s all in the book.”

To most questions he’s asked these days.

But the book is not just about Sports and Martial Arts. It’s a full life story split into 5 pivotal stages of Brian’s life. You don’t have to be s sportsman to benefit from this book. You might cry, you might laugh, but you should learn important lessons about how to become a champion and not just in sport. In life as well.

Brian also often says: “If you don’t like it I’ll give you your money back!”

If you ever need to contact Brian you can get in touch with him at


Director of UK Operations Philip Jacks, Brian’s son born on the 19th of June 1979, who is married to Nam. They have one adorable daughter called Mille who was born on the 22nd of August 2016.

Philip started judo many years ago and he won a bronze medal in the British Junior Championships when he entered under the name of Philip Jones. By the age of 18 he’d gained his black belt. At 20 he decided he didn’t want to follow in his Dad’s footsteps so he stopped. As Philip puts it.

“Dad had taken British judo to new levels and at that age I felt I couldn’t follow him. He’d raised the bar too high.”

This changed in 2017 when Philip joined Dad on the mat at quite a few locations during Brian’s 2017 100 Day UK tour. Philip had the bug again and now is a regular at the Northbrook Kyu Shin Kai Judo Club in Bromley.

If you ever need to contact Philip his email is


The writer of Brian’s Autobiography and Brian’s agent. Born on the 25th of December 1958 and another one who divides his time between England and Thailand.

Marc doesn’t have a martial arts background and spent his youth playing football and cricket. His claim to fame being playing for Southampton under 11’s in the same team as Graham Baker and Graham Roberts. Baker went on to play for Southampton and Manchester City whilst Roberts played 6 times for England as well as Tottenham Hotspur, Glasgow Rangers and Chelsea. Marc found his level with the Echo Social Club team and it was all downhill from there. On the cricket pitch he did manage a century once, in 1994, and went on to 138 before being run out. When he tells that story you can still sense the pain in his voice.

If you ever need to contact Marc his email is and questions about this website should also be addressed to him.